When you have the vision to imagine your potential,
and the strong desire to make change a reality,

Your very next step is gathering the courage to walk

through the doorway and ask for help. We are here.



Joyce Dolberg Rowe, LMHC, Clinical Director






  The Door is Open Counseling Center, LLC - Core Message



Joyce Dolberg Rowe, LMHC, Clinical Director and her team of experienced, hand-picked clinicians are here to offer you nearly 200 years of collective experience in the field of mental health counseling. Together we offer wide range of expertise that will meet your emotional needs and goals. We are highly trained in guiding individuals, couples, and families toward their personal and collective goals of living happier, healthier, more meaningful or well-adjusted lives. It is our commitment to help you achieve the improved self-esteem and confidence, or the harmony and inner peace that comes from self-awareness and self control.  Since we are, each one of us, responsible for our own best behavior, let us assist you in becoming your best self, setting the most effective boundaries for you, living in the present, and thriving today!




Remember, your insurance covers group therapy (whether

receiving individual support with us or elsewhere). If your

individual therapist is elsewhere, you can continue to see

him or her seamlessly and need not change that.





* Pre-registration required for all Groups/Classes

* Some insurance accepted for most

groups plus co-pay if applicable

* All groups are in the Hull location unless otherwise specified

* Groups will not commence without a minimum number of participants

as determined by the facilitator.


For a printable pdf brochure of

our Group Schedule, click here









Communication & Understanding the Differences

Date:  September 15, 2013,

9 am to 5 pm

Fee:  $250






A New Psycho-Educational Support

Group for Moms

with Jaime Suvak, LMHC


Tuesdays, from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


Starts Tuesday, September 24,

9:30 AM - Six Weeks

Location: Hull Office




A New Psycho-Educational Support Group for Moms. Survivors welcome. Connect to yourself, your body and other women.


Women’s Connect is a group that will help you understand yourself and your relationship with being a mom.


In this 6-week group, participants will learn about:

* What it means to you to be a mom (strengths and struggles)

* Your body (physical aspects of having children)

* The power of female relationships

* How to gain support (not just give it)






Mindful Yoga for Everyone

With Paula McCree


Wednesday evenings,

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Call for Dates and Registration.


First Class Session is

Completely Free of Charge!


Now offering a free one-on-one Yoga session

when you purchase 4 or more classes!



This 60 minute yoga practice combines basic hatha yoga postures and philosophy with principles and practices of mindfulness from Jon Kabot-Zin.  The class will stimulate the energy systems in the body while at that same time bringing calm to the mind.  All levels are welcome, with a focus on beginners and advanced beginners.


All you need is an open mind, yoga mat, towel or blanket (to roll for support as needed), and water.  Blocks and straps are provided.


$12 per class when purchasing 4 or more at once.

Drop in's are welcome as space allows for $15 per class.


Register on-line at www.DoorisOpen.net/registration.htm.


Payment due at first class.





Exercise Group for Women

with Kathy Jordan, MS


Saturdays, from 9 AM - 10 AM


Call for Dates and Registration.


Instructor Kathy Jordan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian

Plan on having lots of fun in this small group format for women; while you strengthen, tone, and define your muscles. Rev up your metabolism & burn more calories while you learn:

* How to use a stability ball to build core strength, balance and flexibility

* How to use dumbbells and exercise bands to strengthen and tone muscles

* Nutrition & exercise tips to get healthy, lean and toned  

* How to fit exercise into your daily life no matter how busy you are $15 per class or 4 for $48.00





Anger Management for Adults

with Lanre Adekeye LMHC


Mondays from 7 PM – 8 PM


Starts on Monday, Sept 30th, 7 pm

Location:  Quincy




* This group is an 8 week curriculum that helps group members learn about their anger, the consequences, and triggers related emotions and behaviors, as well as effective and positive communication.


* Meeting once a week with the same group, members will develop positive relationships.





For a confidential evaluation inquiry,

 call us today at

(781) 925-3500


Or, send us an email:




If there is a group that YOU would like to see offered, simply email or call us and we will reply immediately and respond favorably whenever possible. If we do not have a clinician who is expert in that

particular field, we will find one.

We are here to meet the needs

of the community.

Let your voice be heard.


Call or email today to register.


The Door Is Open Counseling Center, LLC

(781) 925-3500












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Welcome to the home page for Joyce Dolberg Rowe, LMHC and the umbrella of The Door is Open Counseling Center, LLC and related mental health counseling services. Applaud yourself for taking the step through the doorway to researching the range of possibilities for help or guidance that may be open to you by way of our many programs in mental health counseling and related support groups.


Whether you are in a convenient location and have the flexibility to attend face-to-face mental health counseling, coaching or hypnotherapy meetings, or wish to engage in ‘on the phone’ or skype sessions, we are here to assist


Call Us Today to Learn How We Can Help! Ask about our options for long distance mental health counseling by email, telephone or skype!


We look forward to walking beside you in your journey to achieving your goals.


  • Need someone to talk to? We are here.

  • Need help with depression, anxiety, fears, or panic? We can help.

  • Need a medication evaluation or on-going prescriber support? We can help. 

  • Need someone to guide you on your path to weight loss and great health?  Help has arrived.

  • Wrestling with addictions/recovery? Our team of experts know what to do.

  • Have you suffered domestic violence, rape, trauma, or find yourself in a crisis? Our expertise is available.

  • Need relationship help? We are experts.

  • Need a hand to hold as you deal with grief and loss? We are very experienced.

  • Need to lift a sagging self-esteem? We know what to do.

  • Need someone to help you overcome anger and develop temper control? This can be done.

  • Need a life coach, or guidance in the workplace? We are here for you!














Call Us Today to Learn How We Can Help!


(781) 925-3500



We have three convenient locations:


The Door is Open Counseling Center, LLC

485 Nantasket Avenue, Unit C

Hull, MA 02045

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The Door is Open Counseling Center, LLC

1245 Hancock Street, Suite 25

Quincy, MA 02169

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The Door is Open Counseling Center, LLC

2 Columbia Road, Unit 12

Pembroke MA 02359

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Located by Route 53 near139













Not in our regional area? Traveling and unable to keep your appointment? Not a problem!  


We will arrange to have you work with your counselor via Skype. You can also ask for support via email, Facebook or Twitter.





The Door is Open Counseling Center provides counseling for individuals, couples

and groups serving the South Shore, with offices in Hull, Quincy and Pembroke.


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